About YCHR - Centre for Research and Training

Our Vision

    Our vision is a world with equal rights and development opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society, where every person can exercise the right to a life of dignity.

Our mission

    “Our mission is to work for poverty alleviation by undertaking and supporting initiatives aimed at raising the living standards of the disadvantaged sections of the society by making individual and collective efforts to bring about positive societal changes, economic and political empowerment, especially among women and disadvantaged sections of society.”

Our Goals

    • To promote self-reliance and sustainable development through creating awareness about basic human rights among disadvantaged strata of the society.

    • To reduce economic disparities and social injustice and help build a society on the basis of collective and organized efforts where sustainable development opportunities are available without discrimination.

    • To promote at all levels the organization’s development philosophy and linkages in order to integrate available resources and efforts for sustainable development.

Our Objectives

    • To increase awareness about social and economic problems, organize the disadvantaged strata, especially women, to solve the problems collectively and play an effective role in the development process.

   • To encourage the disadvantaged strata in finding appropriate solutions to their socio-economic problems and make their access possible to the already available resources.

   • To enhance peoples skills in making maximum use of their resources and help themselves.

   • To help develop community networks with other organizations (GOs and NGOs) for facilitation of their efforts.

   • To collaborate in exchange of information and technical skills with others governmental and non-governmental organizations.

   • To help community develop into a pressure group so that it could exercise control and participate in formation of policies and important decisions.

Our History

The organization was formed by a group of students from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan, in 1988 and registered as not-for-profit organization under Societies Registration Act 1860 in 1990 having registration number RP/4206-L/S/90/1464.

What we do

Over the years YCHR-CRT has aimed at achieve the mission of the organization through each of its initiative. Some of the activities include;

    Family Enterprise Credit Program focusing on poverty alleviation and economic empowerment of the poor communities, especially women;

    Community Health Program implemented in collaboration with Lahore General Hospital aimed at improving outreach services to the community resulting in reduction of pressure on the Hospital and improving the efficiency and performance of the hospital;

    Home School Education Program in Lahore aimed to raise the educational level among the target communities and generate job opportunities for the girls and educate them about human and women rights;

    Environment Education Program aimed at raising environmental awareness among schoolchildren from low income localities;

    Community Health & Sanitation Programs in Lahore, Kasur, Sialkot and Bahawalpur were implemented in low income localities to improve health and sanitation conditions and benefited more than 5000 household.

    Solid Waste Management Programs in Kotlahpat, Qadri Colony, Walled City and Township, Lahore, are evidence of our commitment to improving environment conditions;

    Research, Training and Documentation Program lead to the production four manuals on social mobilization, pre-project planning, low cost sanitation and solid waste management funded by SNPO and video documentary on Pakistan Lawyers’ Movement funded by Henirich Boll Foundation;

    The National Survey on INGO-NGO and CBO relationship was conducted at the national level with the support of CHIP Civil Society HID Program (formerly Swiss NGO Program Office) aimed at improving the working of non-profit sector;

    Political Education Program focused on building the capacity of the elected representatives to performance of their duties and conducted trainings for all the elected councilors and members of Citizen Community Boards from district Lahore with the support of Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment and later training and establishment of Monitoring Committees for district and tehsil councils in district Sheikhupura, funded by CIDA-DSP, which was preceded by a successful baseline study which set the tone for the capacity building activities.

YCHR-CRT Partners



    Pakistan NGO Forum (PNF), Punjab NGO Coordination Council (PNCC) and WESNET.

Contact Details

    Address: House #58/44, Street 4, Block AA, Sector D, Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan

    Phone: +92-300-8433173, Ms. Shazia Khan

    Email: info@ychr-crt.org